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  • Q: When I place an order online, when should I expect it to be shipped?
  • A: Orders are shipped between 1-3 business days unless notified otherwise. You will receive an email to confirm that we have received your order. For more on this, please see our shipping policy.
  • Q: How will my orders be shipped?
  • A: Orders will be shipped via UPS, USPS, or FedEx.
  • Q: Can I track my order?
  • A: Orders may be tracked through UPS or FedEx as long as you have a valid email on file with QTouch. Create an account or contact us at (800) 398-3918 and we can update your account with an email for tracking purposes.
  • Q: How do I get free shipping?
  • A: All orders that have a value of $175 or more will receive free shipping.
  • Q: What should I do if I receive damaged product?
  • A: If you receive damaged product, please see our return policy.
  • Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
  • A: Shipments are expected to be received 2-5 business days from the shipping date. Holidays and weather can impact shipping times. Be sure to check tracking updates for information about delayed shipments.

Quality Touch Dispensers & Other Tools
  • Q: Why should I choose Quality Touch dispensers?
  • A: QTouch dispensers are made of steel and powder coated for extra strength and durability. They are easy to load, easy to use with just one hand, and made to last a lifetime.
  • Q: How sharp are the blades?
  • A: The dispenser blades are VERY SHARP! This ensures a clean, straight cut on foils and films. Please use caution when using this tool. If you need a new blade, please fill out the Contact Us form near the bottom of this page.
  • Q: Do all Quality Touch rolled products fit in the dispenser?
  • A: MOST of the QTouch rolled products are made to fit in and be used with our dispenser. However, there are a few exceptions. Please thoroughly check product descriptions to determine if products are made to be used with or without the dispenser.
  • Q: Do other rolled foil brands to fit in the Quality Touch dispensers?
  • A: No. Other foil brands will not fit and are not recommended for use with QTouch dispensers.
  • Q: How do I use my new Quality Touch dispenser?
  • A: If you purchased one of our Professional Color Artist Kits, it will come with a scannable QR code with instructions on getting started with your new dispenser! If you did not purchase a kit, you can also find tutorials here.
  • Q: What other tools does Quality Touch offer?
  • A: We offer tint brushes and will be continuing to release more tools that are applicable to the beauty industry in the coming years!
Our Foils
  • Q: What is the thickness of Quality Touch foil?
  • A: Quality Touch foils are all medium weight. "Medium weight" can be described as thinner than most foils found in grocery stores (foil that is too thick can slow processing times), but thick enough to withstand punctures. It is the most popular foil weight in the beauty industry!
  • Q: Sometimes my foil feels slightly thicker or thinner. Is this normal?
  • A: Yes, a slight difference in the weight of your foil can happen! Federal guidelines allow for a standard 10% variance in thickness from aluminum manufacturers. As a result, foil can at times feel slightly thicker or thinner based on aluminum we receive from our suppliers. If the difference is extreme or causes the foil to be unusable, please contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, or by calling our offices.
  • Q: Is the embossed (textured) foil the same thickness as the smooth foil?
  • A: Yes! Although applying the texture to the surface of the foil might make it FEEL thicker than our smooth foil, they are the same weight.
  • Q: Are the colored and patterned foils the same thickness as the silver foil?
  • A: Yes! Adding a color coating can make the foil feel slightly different, but the weight of the foil is the same.
  • Q: Can colored foils bleed into hair?
  • A: To ensure no colors from printed foils bleed into the hair, ONLY apply chemical to the silver side of the foil. All QTouch colored and patterned foils are tested to ensure minimal chance of bleeding. By painting on the silver side of the foil, chances of bleeding can be further reduced.
  • Q: Does the 1500' Silver (Jumbo) roll still fit in the QTouch dispensers?
  • A: YES! The QTouch 1500' silver foil will fit in both the single dispenser and the double dispenser. Please check product descriptions to verify if rolls are intended for use in our dispensers.
  • Q: Does Quality Touch offer any foils that do NOT need to be used with the dispenser?
  • A: Yes. Please click here to see pre-cut foil sheets that do not require a dispenser.
  • Q: Can Quality Touch foils be recycled?
  • A: YES! Please check with recycle centers in your area for any requirements.
Our Clear Films
  • Q: What are the benefits of non-cling film vs. cling film?
  • A: The benefit for many stylists is that non-cling film is easier to work with than many traditional balayage films. The non-cling film does not stick to everything (i.e.- your gloves, chair, shirt, comb, itself, etc.) during the application. It ONLY sticks to the product in the hair!
  • Q: Can I use non-cling balayage film for more than just balayage services?
  • A: YES! Our non-cling film is applicable in nearly ALL color services including but not limited to: highlights, creative color, color smudging, color blocking, or balayage. It does it all! Check out our YouTube channel to see this product in action.
  • Q: Can the non-cling film be used with foils?
  • A: YES! This film is a great compliment to foils. The film and foil are the same width, so they layer seamlessly. Instead of folding foil packets, you can paint on the foil and cover the foil with the film in order to watch the processing without unfolding packets and creating lines of demarcation.
  • Q: Can the non-cling film be used by itself?
  • A: YES! This product can be paired with foil or used by itself.
  • Q: Can the non-cling film be used with direct heat?
  • A: NO. It is a plastic product and can shrink or melt when exposed to high temperatures. No direct heat is necessary.
  • Q: What are the benefits of cling films vs. the non-cling film?
  • A: Some stylists prefer cling films because of their "sticky" nature and molding characteristics when doing certain color techniques such as balayage.
  • Q: Can the cling film be used with heat?
  • A: NO. This is a plastic film and can shrink or melt when heat is applied. No direct heat is necessary.
  • Q: Why do you offer three different cling films? Is there a difference?
  • A: The cling films come in three different sizes. Please check product descriptions for sizing. Some films are not made to fit the QTouch dispenser, while others are not!
  • Q: Can Quality Touch films be recycled?
  • A: YES! Please check with recycle centers in your area for any requirements.
Returns, Refunds, & Exchanges
  • Q: What requirements do I need to meet to receive a refund?
  • A: The QTouch product must be returned undamaged, unused, and resalable within 30 business days. Read more about this policy here.
  • Q: Will I be responsible for any fees upon the return of the items?
  • A: The buyer will be responsible for return shipping costs. There is no restock fee.
  • Q: How do I request a refund?
  • A: Please click here to read more about our policy and to find out how to request a refund or submit a return.
  • Q: What should I do if I receive damaged products?
  • A: Please click here if you have received damaged products.

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