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Meet the Team

Quality Touch is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to providing salon professionals with tools that improve their lives behind the chair.

In the Beginning

Quality Touch was founded in 1984. While at a hair appointment, the original founder watched in astonishment as the stylists in the salon fumbled with foil sheets. She thought to herself, "There must be a better way".

After considering this problem, she and her husband teamed up to create a simple machine that put narrow width foil onto a roll. She then designed a dispenser to pair with her rolled foils; this tool allowed stylists to tear foils as they worked easily and to the exact length that was needed for any client that sat in their chair.

Her husband used his connections in the manufacturing industry to further grow the business. Together, they met with a local family-owned company to find a solution to the growing demand for their rolled foils. It was during that meeting that she met Gary Fleming.

Over the next fifteen years, Gary worked closely with the original owners of Quality Touch to significantly increase their growth. He became very familiar with the business's operations and invested in its success. When the original founder decided that she was ready to retire, she came to Gary with a proposition. She asked Gary if he would be interested in taking over the business. Honored by her offer, Gary agreed and began writing the next chapter for Quality Touch.

Gary Fleming

Following this proposition, Gary jumped headfirst into his new role as owner of Quality Touch. He had a vision of taking this company to the next level. He knew he had a steep learning curve ahead of him. Although he had more than twenty years of experience in manufacturing, he had very little knowledge about the beauty industry.

He had a goal to introduce QTouch products to a much broader audience, fueling product improvements and innovation. He worked tirelessly seeking feedback from industry professionals. It was input from stylists that ultimately drove enhancements to the original design of the dispenser, making it the game-changing tool that it is today. He also leveraged his previous experience to bring manufacturing of the dispenser to the United States, improving quality control.

Gary didn't stop there. He kept researching and working with experts to launch a wide range of other products such as balayage films, brushes, textured foils, and much more. His ambitions paid off. He was soon able to grow a network of distribution so that his customers could purchase QTouch nationwide.

His passion fueled the continual success of the business. He knew he was going to need some help to keep up with the growing workload.

Sharon Fleming

Sharon Fleming joined the family business in 2016 when it became clear that Gary needed help managing its growth. After retiring from the financial services industry, her passion for helping individuals improve their earning potential and overall financial well-being transferred to the beauty industry.

She brings a strong background in product marketing and development, strategic planning, training, project management, client services, finance, and sales skills to QTouch. Sharon's unique skillset and creative ambition has brought focus to branding, packaging, and building a social media presence to drive future progress.

Danielle Fleming

Gary and Sharon's daughter Danielle has taken an interest in the beauty industry from a young age. She was only 8 years old when her dad purchased Quality Touch, and she has been attending conventions and learning the ins and outs of the business ever since!

Danielle attended college at the University of Missouri to explore a career in health sciences, but something about the beauty industry always captured her interest. After spending a few years post-grad in the corporate world, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to join the family business when the option was presented.

Gary and Sharon wanted some help creating social media content, increasing sales, and managing customer accounts, and Danielle was eager for the challenge. Her experience in sales gave her the skills that she could put to use on something close to her heart. Together, the three of them have been dedicated to taking QTouch to the next level, offering salon professionals revolutionary tools behind the chair and five-star service that they can depend on. They hope to continue to do so for years to come!


Together, this family team takes great satisfaction in collaborating with beauty industry professionals. They enjoy fostering those relationships to make sure Quality Touch continues to deliver products that are relevant for the peole that work behind the chair.

"We never want to lose sight of the original mission - helping stylists work more efficiently and improving their overall quality of life. We strive to deliver products that stand the test of time, and do it with first class service and support!" - Gary Fleming

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